Southern drone pro specialise in 360 degree panorama photography.

This is 48 separate images stitched together to form a single image that is moveable to see 360 degrees around. They are appealing, unique and as they go virial they are excellent for social media.

We create 360 p using our latest 20-megapixel cameras.

360° video is one of the most powerful content formats for user engagement. It transports viewers to the centre of the film, revolutionalising content, while giving them a full 360 interactive experience of real-world filming.

Rather than looking through a traditional, static window, 360º video and photography now immerses us within the scene.

We have pioneered the aerial techniques for the practical capture of 360 video and photography.

Why would you use 360° photos?

So what is the purpose of 360-degree photographs?Is it only a craze or is the medium staying put? 360-degree photographs present an open door for individuals to catch whole rooms, scenes, and scenes in a solitary shot.

An ordinary camera is restricted to catching the space where you point viewfinder, generally 90° or somewhere in the vicinity. The 360 camera will catch the entire scene, permit you to gaze toward the sky, behind at the sand hills and forward towards the sea, across the board consistent picture.

So it appears 360-degree photographs are digging in for the long haul, with huge organizations like Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr all adjusting their photograph sharing administrations to acknowledge 360 pictures. New cameras being delivered constantly, and this new kind of photography is finally open to the easygoing picture taker.

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