Drone Photography Services specialise in photogrammetry 2D mapping. Our drone (UAV) pilots are industry experienced in land surveying and construction.

To improve the detail of our 2D mapping we take oblique aerial images at 30° and 45 ° angles flying around objects at different altitudes, in addition to flying the normal overlapping lawnmower path regular grid pattern.  As all the images are geo-referenced, these additional oblique images add depth and detail to the final 2D rendered model when the images are draped over the wire frame mesh.

2D mapping

Drone Photography Services’ commercial drones can fly an average of 60-80 acres in around 20 minutes without the need to land to change a battery.  We carry spare pre-charged batteries on each shoot.  It only takes a few minutes to change the battery and get back in air.  So we are able to fly all day with very little disruption.

When mapping we avoid shadows and very windy days because moving trees, object and leaves can affect the final results.

We give client access to our cloud based mapping software to view fast, large-scale three-dimensional modeling of almost any landscape with brilliant clarity and resolution.  Alternatively they can export files to their own GIS software for further analysis.You can also contact on our Facebook page

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